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This is Austin TAAP

Austin TAAP

Who We Are

Welcome to Austin TAAP – a community united by a shared commitment to addiction recovery. Our diverse membership includes passionate individuals, counselors, prevention specialists, and others deeply invested in addressing the challenges of addiction. Collaboratively, we work to bolster the treatment and recovery community, providing assistance to families contending with the far-reaching effects of alcohol, drugs, and chemical dependency. Our members demonstrate their unwavering commitment to individuals grappling with a diverse range of addictions.

Our Mission

This is Austin TAAP

Legislative Advocacy

Austin TAAP actively engages in legislative advocacy, championing policies that promote addiction recovery and ensure the well-being of individuals and families affected by addiction. By staying informed and participating in advocacy efforts, we strive to create a positive impact on the broader community.

This is Austin TAAP

Professional Growth Opportunities

We believe in continuous professional development. Austin TAAP provides a platform for members to access resources, training, and networking opportunities that enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of addiction recovery. Together, we strive for excellence in our practice.

This is Austin TAAP

Academic Growth Opportunities

Education is a cornerstone of progress. Austin TAAP supports members in their academic pursuits related to addiction studies. Through scholarships, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, we encourage the academic growth of our members, contributing to the broader knowledge base in addiction recovery.

This is Austin TAAP

Business Growth Opportunities

For professionals in the addiction recovery field, thriving in their careers is essential. Austin TAAP facilitates business growth opportunities, connecting members with resources, mentorship, and avenues for professional advancement. We aim to create an environment where members can flourish in their roles.

This is Austin TAAP

Peer Assistance

Support and collaboration are fundamental to our community. Austin TAAP fosters a culture of peer assistance, where members can seek guidance, share experiences, and build a network of supportive relationships. Together, we navigate the challenges of addiction recovery with understanding and empathy.

This is Austin TAAP

Ethical Standards

Maintaining the highest ethical standards is paramount in the field of addiction recovery. Austin TAAP is committed to upholding and promoting ethical practices among its members. We provide guidance and resources to ensure that our community operates with integrity and accountability.

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Join Our Journey?

Step into the world of Austin TAAP and prepare to ignite your addiction-focused career like never before. Get ready to transform the recovery world with us. Let's make history, one step at a time.

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