Dr. Shelley Uram

"EXCITING NEW CLINICAL FRONTIERS": Where we have come from and what’s on the horizon! 


 First, let us look at where we have come from in patterns of prevention, detoxification, treatment, maintenance medication, 12-Steps, and court/prison attitudes. 


 Next, is an exciting look at what’s on the horizon! For example the connection between trauma and addiction, the incredibly important connection between adverse childhood experiences with the development of addictions, etc.  



Last, we will cover a new way to consider a treatment game plan that is tailored for the individual according to which parts of the brain needs to quiet strengthen. 



1)Participant will list three ACE risk factors. 

2)Participant can explain what the ACE score reflects about the connection between trauma and addiction. 

3)Participant can describe what areas of the brain need to be quieted from  trauma in order to more deeply connect with their Higher Power.