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  • Becoming a member of AustinTAAP enables you to share items on our social channels, calendars, and events. Once a member all you’ll want to do is e-mail your request to


Ex. New Job Opportunities

      Events you are hosting 

      Up-and-coming conferences

      Fundraiser events 


  •  As a member you will receive priority e-mails for opportunities within AustinNet, lunch sponsorship, symposium sponsorship and announcements.  


  Ex.  Be invited first to market and sign up for events before they are made publicly accessible.  (symposium, sponsorship)


  • New to town? Join us and we'll introduce you to our community!  Learn about volunteer positions, board positions and advocacy in Austin. Great way to network and meet similarly aligned individuals.


  •  Learn about NAADAC advocacy and news, laws and changes affecting mental health and addiction recovery community.